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Catering Equipment

From heavy equipment manufacturers such as Rational, Blue Seal & Lincat to Glassware manufacturers such as Arcoroc, Stolzle and Libbey we deal with all major brands and are supported by representatives from all major catering equipment manufacturers.

Crockery & Tableware products are available from many manufacturers and our One Stop Shop catering supplier business deals with Churchill, Steelite, AFC, Porcelite, Chomette, Revol to name but a few. We pride ourselves in being able to confirm the products your interested in by forwarding images or samples.

When you buy from Peter Cox Catering we like to ensure you are buying the catering equipment you need. We quote product, code and price to be sure.

Buying online couldn’t be simpler and we use industry leading encryption technology to ensure the security of your confirmation. We also use SagePay to securely process credit card payments.

Alternatively, you can always contact us by phone or e-mail when we can bring you up to date with any catering equipment offers, B Grade equipment if available and always special prices on six burner ovens. We can also send you a free up-to-date catalogue that includes cutlery, crockery, catering utensils, furniture for cafes, stainless steel tables for kitchens and thousands of other items available for next day delivery.

If you are planning a new facility Peter Cox Catering offers a full catering equipment design service with professional advice on all your bar, restaurant and kitchen equipment needs. To include Classeq dishwashers and Walk In Coldrooms and Walk In Freezers.

Paying for new equipment when costs of a new business or a new piece of equipment effect cash flow can be difficult that is why Peter Cox Catering will always quote prices that saves money. We also recommend and advise lease purchase which is a tax efficient method of buying equipment over a one, two or three year period. Just £5.00 per day and you can have a new Rational Combination Oven that saves time, labour, shrinkage and money.

“B” Grade Catering Equipment

From time to time certain manufacturers such as Foster, Interlevin & Parry inform us of special catering equipment prices on “B” Grades – equipment that is new but is dented or scratched. Significant catering equipment reductions can be gained, so call us for up-to-date information. This stock goes quickly.

Maintaining Equipment

Just like a car, a piece of professional catering equipment functions better and lasts longer if it’s looked after; and when you are spending serious money on equipment it’s probably the quickest and easiest way for you to protect your investment. The thing is though, a lot of people merely wipe equipment down thinking ‘that’s that’ when proper cleaning and regular servicing is what’s really called for or needed.

Peter Cox Catering offers free advice on how to look after your Rational Combination Oven, 6 Burner Cooker, Commercial Microwave, etc. Call us on 01256 333050.

Why should I clean and service my equipment?

Clean equipment is not just a pleasure to use (no unsightly gunk hiding in the corners – no funny smells) but it also helps ensure that there is no unseen food contamination which can lead to upset stomachs or worse – a catering nightmare well worth avoiding. It also helps ensure that your food actually tastes of your food and not something that was burnt into the equipment last week.

Imagine trying to achieve the perfect Victoria Sponge in an oven that’s been dealing with smoked fish and no clean down in between! Get the picture? Ensuring that your equipment is clean also helps it stay in tip top condition and reduces that chances of erosion or parts corroding under the dirt.

Kitchens are full of everyday chemicals like salt and acidic liquids like vinegars and fruit juices that can play havoc with reactive surfaces like metal worktops. Want to keep things looking good and most importantly lasting a long time? Then keep it clean.

Servicing – isn’t it just a money making exercise?

There’s no doubt about it – servicing costs BUT it’s not a cost without real benefits and these are benefits that are worth having. Servicing on equipment from well trained technicians not only helps ensure that the investment you made in the equipment is looked after and lasts but also ensures that the equipment is running optimally and this alone helps reduce your running costs. Add to this that servicing ensures that equipment is safe to use and you can see that it’s not really money for nothing – you get peace of mind and equipment that’s as efficient and safe as the day you bought it.

HELP! I don’t know what needs servicing

This is a common problem especially in busy catering environments where the last thing on your mind is getting a fryer or an oven serviced but one that is easily remedied. The easiest way to ensure that your equipment is serviced correctly is to register your product with the warranty card when you receive it. By doing this Peter Cox Catering Equipment can contact you when your warranty is due to expire and advise on companies that can assist you with extended cover for the future – no fuss, no headaches.

If you are still not sure however then simply call 01256 333050 and talk to us, we can help by putting you in touch with reputable companies who speciality is just that!