All-Purpose Non-Woven Cleaning Cloths Red (Pack of 500)

Pack Quantity: 500. Individual Wipe Dimensions: 500(H) x 380(L)mm

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Tackling spills and soiling is simple with this pack of 500 x red all-purpose non-woven cloths. A textured design makes these cloths incredibly effective at trapping and collecting dirt. So it’s easy for staff to quickly remove grime or food waste from your surfaces – restoring them back to their former glory in no time.

And thanks to the 50% polyester, 50% viscose material, these cloths are also highly absorbent. This makes wiping up large spills as easy as can be.

The red finish means the cloths can be used for colour-coded cleaning too – reducing the risk of cross contamination to stop the spread of illness-causing bacteria and viruses in your venue.

Product features

  • Dimensions: 500(W)mm
  • Colour: Red
  • Textured design is highly effective at trapping and collecting dirt or food
  • Highly absorbent 50% polyester, 50% viscose material makes light-work of spills
  • Colour coded red to help you reduce the risk of cross contamination
  • FCC-approved, food-contact safe design makes the cloths safe for use in kitchens
  • The polyester and viscose material is also safe for use with cleaning chemicals
  • These versatile cloths can be used in both janitorial and food service environments
  • Each ten pack of 50 wipes is individually wrapped to improve hygiene
  • Individual Wipe Dimensions: 500(H) x 380(L)mm

Additional information

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