Fiesta Compostable Bagasse Food Trays 12oz (Pack of 50)

340ml | 12oz

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340ml | 12oz.

Add an eco touch to your food-to-go service with these 12oz Fiesta Green compostable bagasse trays. As they’re made from recycled, waste sugarcane, these food trays have a minimal impact on Earth’s natural resources and a smaller carbon footprint than traditional polystyrene alternatives. This will help to reduce your impact on the planet and show customers you really care about green causes.

The natural material also mean these trays can be commercially composted along with food waste after use. This will reduce the amount of waste you and your customers send to landfill, instead turning the food trays into nutrient-rich compost that’s used to grow more plants.

And because bagasse is heat and water-resistant, the trays can be safely used in ovens, microwaves and freezers. So you’ve got plenty of choice when preparing, preserving and warming your dishes. This material is highly breathable too, so the trays won’t trap condensation – keeping your dishes wonderfully crispy for longer.

Product features

  • Capacity 340ml | 12oz
  • Dimensions 118(W) x 179(D)mm | 4 3/4 x 7″
  • Material Bagasse
  • Weight 11.5g
  • Colour White
  • The renewable, recycled bagasse material is extremely kind to Earth’s finite resources
  • Bagasse can be commercially composted for more sustainable waste disposal
  • BS EN 13432 accreditation means the trays will commercially compost in 12 weeks
  • These trays emit less carbon during production than polystyrene alternatives
  • The breathable material keeps your food deliciously crispy
  • A white colourway ensures your vibrant dishes stand out
  • Microwave safe at 120°C for three minutes
  • Oven safe at 230°C for three minutes
  • Freezer safe at temperatures as low as -5°C
  • Perfect for festivals, food markets and mobile caterers

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