Special Offer Bolero 1.5m Red Barrier Rope and Barrier Posts

Includes 1 x GF947 1.5m Red Barrier Rope & 2 x DF010 Barrier Posts

£202.40 (Ex Vat)

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For a reliable, budget-friendly barrier system, choose this bundle of a Bolero 1.5m red barrier rope and two barrier posts. The included 1.5m rope and two posts are all you need to create an effective barrier system in your premises – so you can safely separate customers or cordon off areas with ease. Large clips make the rope simple to install to the barrier posts, allowing you to create queuing systems or cordon off areas in no time.

A red colourway also gives the rope a sleek, stylish appearance that’ll complement and blend into any bar, restaurant or nightclub decor.

The barrier posts’ wide base gives them good weight and stability too. This will reduce the risk of them falling over if knocked or used in windy conditions.

Product features

  • Colour: Red
  • Includes 1 x GF947 1.5m Red Barrier Rope & 2 x DF010 Barrier Posts
  • This bundle allows you to set up effective barrier systems to cordon off areas or separate customers
  • The rope easily clips onto the barrier posts for simple installation
  • The rope’s sleek red colourway gives it a stylish look
  • The polyester material makes the rope both lightweight yet incredibly strong
  • The posts’ wide, weighted base improves stability
  • Ideal for clubs, bars and restaurants

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